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We are a fine-free library!

What does it mean to be fine-free?
The Little Chute Public Library does not charge fines for items returned past their due date.

Why is the library fine-free?
We are busy, you are busy. We understand! We don’t want to burden you with a financial penalty for possibly returning your items late. We would just like the items to return to us and for you to return to visit the library too! Historically, fines affect the most vulnerable in our community who need our resources. Want to hear more about fine-free? Watch this amazing TED Talk.

Are other libraries going fine-free?
There is a national movement of public libraries going fine-free.

What is the difference between a fine and a bill?
A fine is the per day charge for overdue Library materials. A bill is a value assessed for an item returned
damaged or for an item that was never returned. We will continue to bill for damaged and items not returned after 90 days.

What happens when people don’t return materials on time with a fine-free policy?
If the item becomes 90 days overdue or is not returned, it will be billed. Once the item comes back in good condition, the bill is removed. With a fine-free policy, there will no longer be any fines associated with bringing back a late or billed item.

Will the library still get their materials back?
Yes! Studies on fine-free libraries have shown that items actually are more often returned when community members are not penalized for returning them late.

Will you erase old fines?
Yes! We can and will erase old fines for Little Chute patrons and any items checked out here will not have
fines associated with them.

What if my fines are from other libraries’ materials?
We can erase those as well if you are a Little Chute patron. However, we can not erase bills from other libraries. Those libraries need the funds to replace the library item that was billed.

What if I put Little Chute items on hold and check them out at a different library?
While we are fine-free, our materials follow the loan rules of the library you check them out at. So if you place
a hold on our book and check it out at a library that is not fine-free, it would still generate fines if late.

What about old bills on an account?
If you find old library materials and are afraid to return them because of fines, bring them back and we will erase the fines! If your bills are from other libraries, we will gladly call them on your behalf to see if we can work out a solution.

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